Director Suzy Johnson, has always loved music and working with people; but little did she realize this passion would ultimately take her into the role of artistic director and conductor for RAACHE Choirs.  In 1996 she agreed to organize a choir to sing for a homeschool rally at the State Capitol and at the conclusion was challenged by the RAACHE board to keep the choir going.  Through God’s help, mentorship from key people, and lots of support from her family she formed the first official choir, Con Brio.  After seven years, the original Con Brio students were maturing and excited about taking on more of a challenge, so Suzy began Arioso in 2003.  She delighted in leading this ensemble for 15 years, concluding her time with the Chicago 2018 tour.  We now have the privilege of welcoming our newest conductor, fellow homeschool mother and music educator, Stephanie Rauh, as she directs this audition ensemble.  As time moved on, the need to add a younger group emerged and Staccato took shape under the leadership of one of our musically gifted choir moms, Clavonne Holter in 2004.  When the size of Con Brio became too large, Cantabile was added to the RAACHE Choir family in 2008.  Alissa Kludtke, one of the graduates of our choir program, returned from college with training, passion, and tools to work with these students, and agreed to take the helm of this choir in 2012.  What a delight to have one of our own come back and invest in the lives of homeschool students!


RAACHE Choirs’ concerts are free and open to the public.  All ages are encouraged and welcome to attend.  We perform a fall concert (generally the Thursday and Friday before Thanksgiving), a winter concert (a Thursday close to Valentine's Day), a spring musical (in late March or early April), and an audition choir concert in late April.  Each November and April we enjoy sharing our musical gifts with residents in local nursing homes and retirement communities.

Participation in choir offers students the opportunity to experience the joy of making music with their voices, and the chance to sing for God's glory.  We invite you to join us!