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Online Registration

Instructions - Important to Read

Before completing registration, please read this cover letter.

Fill out each form one at a time using the button provided.  When you have finished each form, return to this website and move to the next step!  Please complete all steps 1-4.

(If you finish a step and have to leave the registration process, there is no need to redo steps.  Just pick up from where you left off)

Step 1

Family Registration

Every family fills this out once.
Click the button on the right and complete the form.  When finished, return to this website and complete Steps 2-4.

We are now opening our Spring Registration for Con Brio, Cantabile, and Arioso!

For Con Brio fill out all of the steps, starting with Family Registration.

Cantabile and Arioso, please email Susan Kludtke at to set up an audition, then you will get registration instructions. 

Step 2

Choirs Registration

Fill out one form per student

Arioso & Cantabile are audition choirs.  (For more information contact Susan Kludtke to set up auditions at

If you have multiple students in the same choir, fill out a separate form for each student.

You can add multiple students by clicking submit another response after pushing submit. 

When finished return to this website for volunteer sign up sheets and payment. 
(Steps 3 & 4)


Step 3

Volunteer Opportunities

Hosting a homeschool choir is a massive task and cannot be done by only a few people.  As a result, in order to keep RAACHE Choirs affordable for everyone, we require each family to volunteer some of their time. 

Use the button to the right to fill in the volunteer opportunities that you are interested in. Click the next button and fill out each form until you see the world submit.

When finished, return to this website for payment (Step 4).

The Volunteer Opportunities link will remain active after online registration closes.

Step 4

If you need help with payments, use the calculator to determine your fees, then email your total and your request for one of the two payment options to Susan Kludtke.  Skip paying for now until you get a response from Susan.  If no assistance is needed follow the directions under "Payment" below.

1.  We ask that you pay for the entire year if possible.  Semester payments (or other plans) can be arranged if needed.  Please email Susan Kludtke to set up a payment plan.

2.  Please email Susan Kludtke if you would like to apply for a partial or full scholarship.  She will email you a scholarship form to complete.


For Spring Semester registration, ignore the calculator and contact Susan Kludtke.  You can email her at

She will give you the total that you owe, and then you can use the Paypal Button below to make your payment.

Check all boxes that apply to you and use the calculator to determine your registration fees.  Then use the Paypal link to submit payment.

When done, put in the same family name used on the family registration form and total amount from the calculator on the Paypal form and click "Paypal Checkout."

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