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2024-2025 Cover Letter

RAACHE Choir Opportunities for 2024-2025

Welcome to our online registration!  Questions/Problems?  Contact Susan

Thinking about having your children join?  Please take a moment to read the information below and
complete online registrations Steps 1-4.

Registration Deadlines
Arioso and Cantabile: July 20
Con Brio and Staccato: August 10

Please try to meet the deadlines so that we may order music in a timely fashion.  If for some
reason you miss the dates, contact Susan Kludtke at sdkludtke1981@gmail to check about
Participating in choir offers a child the chance to experience the joy of singing and the opportunity to
sing to God’s glory with a group of excited and disciplined homeschool children.  In addition, your
child learns about different styles of music and some basic musical concepts as they pertain to the
selections we work on.  Lastly, children will have the privilege of standing up in front of an audience
and bringing to fruition all of the hard work and energy they have put forth.  Think of the great
memories! We hope that choir will be an enjoyable experience for all families that are involved, and
to ensure this, we will have a set of guidelines that will be sent along with the schedule by August 31
to those who sign up.  
Choir draws students together as a group to share in God’s gift of music and fulfill an arts component
in our home schools.  All of the ensembles rehearse at Calvary Evangelical Free Church (5500 25th
Ave. NW, Rochester) on Thursday afternoons.  
First Session
Arioso, Cantabile, Con Brio weekly rehearsals start September 5
Staccato weekly rehearsals start Oct. 10
Dress rehearsal (all choirs): November 19
Fall performances:  November 21 & 22

Second Session
Arioso, Cantabile, Con Brio weekly rehearsals start Jan. 2
Staccato weekly rehearsals start Feb. 6
Spring concert/musical dress rehearsal (Con Brio, Cantabile, Staccato): March 10
Spring concert/musical (Con Brio, Cantabile, Staccato): March 14 & 15 (TENTATIVE)
Arioso local choir tour: April 4

Arioso & Cantabile Accelerando! Concert: April 10
Detailed information, including the rehearsal and performance calendar, will be emailed to
participants by August 31.  We look forward to working with students who desire to improve their
voices and group singing skills in our 29th year!
For RAACHE Choirs,
Stephanie Rauh
Please note: There will be a brief mandatory Arioso, Cantabile, and Con Brio parent meeting
on September 12.
Arioso is our high school audition choir for ages 14 and up.  Young men (under 14) whose voices
have changed can also audition to sing with this group.  The choir performs a wide variety of music,
with a focus on “classic” choral music (folk, classical, sacred, hymns, international, Broadway,
spirituals.)  Most of what we perform is at least four parts, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.  This choir
is under the direction of Stephanie Rauh.  Singers will participate in the November and April
concerts, as well as a local nursing home spring tour in early to mid-April. This spring Arioso singers
will also have the opportunity to participate in a tour to Chicago. Rehearsals are from 2:00-3:30 pm.
Arioso auditions have been held.  If you missed the auditions and would like to sign up,
 contact Amanda Elo at .
Cantabile is our non-audition choir for ages 12 and up.  This choir is under the direction of Alissa
Kludtke and sings a wide variety of music that is more challenging than Con Brio, but not as difficult
as Arioso.  Participating in Cantabile is critical as it builds the skills needed to sing with Arioso.  We
strive to cultivate an encouraging environment that focuses on learning about singing and music by
doing just that—singing and making music! Though most of the singers will have higher (treble)
voices, when a boy’s voice starts to change, he will be allowed to sing lower or transition to Arioso
may be considered.  For the fall session, Cantabile will sing in the November concerts. For the
winter/spring session, Cantabile will join Con Brio for the musical drama which will be presented in
mid-March.  Cantabile will continue their session for the April concert.  Rehearsals are from 2:00-
3:15 pm.  Each singer will need to sing for Alissa to help her select music that fits the capabilities of
the singers who will be participating.  If you want to register your child, but they have not sung
for Alissa yet, contact Amanda Elo at

Con Brio is our non-auditioned choir for boys and girls ages 8-11.  (The date we are using for
deciding which choir your child is in is Sept. 1.)  This choir is under the direction of Kate Sanders.
Singers will sing a variety of songs in the November concerts.  The choir presents a musical drama
in mid to late March if we have adequate volunteer support.  Rehearsals are from 2:00-3:00 pm. 
Staccato is the non-auditioned choir for boys and girls ages 5 through 7.  This choir is under the
direction of Rebecca Walters. Students must be 5 years old by September 1.  A student who is 7
years old on October 1 and soon to be 8 when joining Staccato in the fall, remains in Staccato for
the whole calendar year.  He or she does not move to Con Brio until the following fall.  Singers will
participate in the November and mid-March concerts and only rehearse for 6-8 weeks prior to these
concerts. Rehearsals are from 2:00-3:00 pm. There is a limit of 30 students so make sure to register

In order to register, please complete all online Steps 1-4.


Save the date for the mandatory parent meeting on September 12 at 2:00 pm.

NOTE:  If you aren’t able to pay tuition at once, contact our choir treasurer, Phillip Quelle
at  to discuss other options.

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