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Audition for Cantabile & Arioso!

Auditions for Arioso and Cantabile will be held on the below dates to determine next year's groups.  (This includes current Arioso and Cantabile students who will be returning.)  Please sign up right away to schedule an audition. Contact Susan Kludtke to schedule an audition or if you have any questions.  


Thursday afternoon--May 18 (Arioso only)

Monday evening--May 22 (Arioso and Cantabile)

Tuesday evening--May 23 (Arioso and Cantabile)


Arioso choir is an audition choir for high school students ages 14 and up and under the direction of Stephanie Rauh.  It is our policy that if your daughter is 14 or 15 years old and has not been in Arioso, and would like to audition for this choir, she would audition with both Arioso and Cantabile directors at the same time.  Arioso is always in need of young men with changed voices.  Please encourage them to try out!


Cantabile choir is an audition transition choir for students (boys and girls) ages 12 and up and is under the direction of Alissa Kludtke.  If your child is 11 years old by September 1 and is interested in this choir, please contact the director at to discuss the possibility of your child auditioning for this choir. 


For more information about the audition choirs, click on the choir below.

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