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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Accompanist/*Substitute Accompanist

- Attend rehearsals and performances and support singers and director with piano skills

- Help run sectionals as needed

- Prepare, accompaniment for songs that require piano

- Come to all performances with the choir

Note: Contact Suzy Johnson to find out more details and arrange a time to meet

Estimated time: Weekly rehearsals and several performances during the year

Need: Varies from year to year, but it is very helpful to have a list of those who are skilled in this area, especially if we need an extra pianist occasionally for sectionals

*If you can substitute one to three times during the year, let us know


- Call 5-6 people on his/her list to deliver a brief, time-sensitive message (most often weather-related cancellation)

Note: Please also sign up for at least another 2-3 volunteer positions as these people are rarely asked to call

Estimated time: 1 hour all year

Need: 20 callers

Cantabile April Local Tour Monitor

-Supervise the students before the concert begins at each senior center

- Help the Cantabile secretary hand out the ties and scarves

- Help collect the ties and scarves after the last tour concert

Estimated time: 3 hours

Need: 1-2 monitors

Choir Certificate Coordinator

- Create certificates to be emailed to singers

- Samples and ideas will be shared with you

Note: Availability to work on this is for the spring semester

Estimated time: 4 hours per choir

Need: 2-4 coordinators

Choir Rehearsal Monitor for Arioso, Cantabile, Con Brio, and Staccato (beyond your required monitoring)

- Help the weekly Thursday rehearsal proceed smoothly and efficiently

- Supervise students, reminding them to focus, etc.

- Assist with passing out/collecting choir music and name tags

Con Brio Monitors: Will also check in music that is being returned before rehearsal and check out music after practice by recording the date and number on check-out sheets

Estimated Time: 1 1/2 hours each week you volunteer (Arrive early/stay late)

Need: 1-2 monitors / typical week and more the weeks prior to concerts

Choir Riser Helper

- Person to transport risers to our concerts.  The risers fit in trucks and most vans with seats removed/folded flat.

- 1-2 extra people to setup and take down at the concert facility

- Person to transport the risers back to storage

Estimated Time: 30-45 minutes before (time is flexible) and after the concert

Choir Riser Storage

-Free tuition in exchange for storing.  Call/email Susan Kludtke for more information

Con Brio Costume Coordinator

- Take costumes from Suzy Johnson and go through the many available items

- No sewing required

- Fit costumes on students

- Label costumes and distribute to students

- Check costumes back in and repack them for storage

Note: We must have a costume coordinator in place by January in order to move forward with the Con Brio musical

Estimated Time: 10-12 hours

Need: 1 coordinator

Con Brio Drama Practice Helper

- Attend drama rehearsal and work on tasks that need to be done, such as labeling costumes for participants or making a simple prop

- Act as the adult in charge at drama rehearsal (if Suzy Johnson is not able to be there) regarding emergency or building issues

Estimated Time: 6 drama rehearsals and possibly part of dress rehearsal and final rehearsal

Need: 2 adults

Con Brio Drama Production Assistant

- Coordinating finding volunteers (parents/students) from the CB choir families (volunteer list provided) to fill production needs

- Work closely with Suzy Johnson to make sure people are on schedule with costumes, props, sets

- Attend drama practices as needed

Note: We must have a drama production assistant in place by January in order to move forward with the Con Brio musical

Estimated Time: 8-10 hours for coordinating plus 6 drama rehearsals (2 hours each)

Need: 2 Coordinators

Concert Monitor (day of concert)

- Monitor singers before the concert starts, while they wait for their turn to sing, and during concerts as needed

- Assist the director with getting singers up to the front and back down as needed

Estimated Time (beyond actual concert time): Con Brio and Staccato: 1-2 hours (rehearsal that day and 30 minutes prior to the concert); Arioso and Cantabile: 30 minutes prior to the concert.

Need: 6-8 monitors per dress rehearsal

Concert Monitor (Dress Rehearsal)

- Keep singers quiet when they are not up front performing

- Monitor hallway or foyer area before/after the event

- Help guide singers to the front when it is time for them to sing

Estimated time: 2 hours per dress rehearsal

Need: 6-8 monitors per dress rehearsal

Concert Program Coordinator

- Collect program information from directors and Susan Kludtke

- Format and type program and inserts

- Edit final draft with help from directors and Susan Kludtke

- Send final proofs to Susan Kludtke for copying

Estimated Time: 4-6 hours per concert (most work is done 1-2 weeks before each concert)

Need: 1 Coordinator per concert

*Coordinator should be familiar with designing programs in word processing or publishing software.  He or she should be willing to efficiently make edits the last week before the concert.  Cover art will be provided.  Past program information will be available for design examples.

DVD/CD Distributor

- Preview order form to make sure all the details are correct

- Collect DVD/CD orders and payment the nights of the concert and via mail

- Gather payments and submit to RAACHE Choir Treasurer

- Distribute/mail orders when ready

Estimated Time: 5 hours per concert

Need: 1 distributor per concert

Graphics Coordinator For Posters, Invitations and Programs

- Decide design/graphics for posters, invitations, and programs with Suzy Johnson several weeks before the concert

- Prepare the posters and invitations to be posted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the program

Estimated Time: 4-6 hours per concert

Need: 1 Coordinator


- Prepare and play your instrument with one or more choirs

Estimated Time: One or more rehearsals plus performance depending on what you are playing for

Need: As many as are able

Miscellaneous Office Job Helper

- Stamp/number choir music during rehearsal

- Help assemble concert programs during rehearsal

- Create student name tags from a computer template in August

Note: Susan Kludtke will email the project for the day; respond ASAP

Estimated Time: Varied

Need: 2-3 per choir

Practice CD Duplicator

- Be available to directors to make CD copies during rehearsals for distribution at the end of rehearsal

Note: Equipment is very easy to use.  (This would be a great thing for a Cantabile or Arioso singer to do.  If he/she is willing to do this job, the need for a parent present with them during CB rehearsal would be waived.)

Estimated Time: 1 hour (during rehearsal) per duplicating session, possibly 5-6 times a year

Need: 1-2 duplicators per choir

Publicity Assistant

- Assist in putting up posters in music stores, music studios and possibly some churches 3-4 weeks prior to the concert

- Help coordinate which moms can place posters in their churches

- Send out email to remind people of upcoming concerts

- Help to implement other forms of publicity when/if they arise

Estimated Time: 4-5 hours (1-2 hours 4 times a year) We hope to enlist the help of parents to deliver to music stores and music studios.

Need: 3-4 people to help coordinate the distribution of posters.

Traffic Director For Dress Rehearsals/Concerts

- Arrive 10 minutes prior to singer call time

- Direct children to their gathering places before the concert

- Stay at your post until 5 minutes before concert begins

Estimated Time: 30-40 minutes

Need: 4-5 traffic directors per concert


- Arrive 10 minutes prior to singer call time

- Hand out programs

- Collect offering during the concert

Note: One to two ushers needed in the back to help with various issues during the concert and three needed to help tidy up the sanctuary after the concert

Estimated Time: Concert time plus 30 minutes

Need: 4-6 ushers per concert

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